Test privacy policy – not yet approved by board

Privacy Policy Skrastins Outdoor Club
Skrastins Outdoor Club only collects personal information from club members and guests that is necessary to the efficient and safe operations of the club. The personal information collected is restricted to contact information: telephone number, cell number, address, email address and emergency contact information.
Other than the emergency contact information, all personal information can be accessed on the website by all club members. Such access is necessary for the efficient operations of the club. For example, a member who is a day coordinator might need to contact a club member by phone or email to determine if they are able to lead a group for an upcoming hike. Address information might be used to pick up or drop off material, or to arrange rides to the bus pickup locations.
Members should not use the contact information for non-club related activities. It is acceptable if a club member uses the information on the website to obtain contact information on a friend.
The emergency contact information is only accessible by a member and by club officials who are administrators of the website. The administrators will only look at this information to ensure it is complete and in the event of an emergency. The emergency contact information for all members will be printed out and kept in a sealed envelope with the day coordinator’s material to be opened in the event of an emergency.
Photos of members may be uploaded to the site by other members. Those photos may be reviewed by all members of the club. Photos showing recognizable people will not be displayed on the photo slide show on the Home Page of the website or on the Pictures page on the Home Page.