Skrastins Outdoor Club was formed in 1980, and incorporated shortly thereafter as a non-profit corporation, for the purpose of encouraging mature adults to engage in cross-country skiing, hiking and later snowshoeing activities in the foothills and mountains near Calgary.

Skrastins is run by volunteers, with all members expected to assist according to their abilities.

Skrastins arranges hiking, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing trips out of the city most Fridays. Bus transportation is provided at a cost of $25 per trip. In the spring and fall shoulder seasons, in-city walks are held with members and guests arranging their own transportation.

Skrastins attempts to accommodate the fitness and abilities of its active members and guests. Each trip offers 3 or more hiking/snowshoeing and 2 or more skiing options for our members and guests. The options can be demanding (a hike of up to 20 km and 1000 metres elevation gain) to moderate (a 5km snowshoe with modest elevation gain). The club has a data base of over 150 hikes and other than early spring and late fall hikes (when conditions limit options), tries not to repeat trips for several years. Winter trips are mostly located around the areas that track set for skiers.
Safety is a critical component of our club. Members and guests are required to be in groups no smaller than 4, with each group carrying a club-supplied radio. The club has 2 emergency beacons.
We have several social activities during the year, including a BBQ in the summer and a Christmas lunch.